When massage is a no no treatment

I want a massage badly! Is there something to stop me?

Although body treatment is quite beneficial and no one can argue all the tremendous benefits of it, there are some conditions under which massage is not only not recommended, but it is also totally forbidden and sure to bring more harm than good. Read more to know what are these special conditions.

Conditions disallowing massage

There are though not many some conditions that strictly make massage not allowed. Here I will state the most common ones while there might be more to be added in special cases.

    1. Contagious diseases: if you are ill or your partner is ill you’d better postpone the treatment for later. Massage requires close contact and makes illness transmissions easy though not intended. Never apply or accept massage during a serious illness.
    2. Skin infections/ inflammations. When having these (or strange rash, or herpes, or lumps, cuts etc. or anything which has an unexplained origin you’d better miss the massage.
    3. Cancer patients, inflammatory patients with acute condition,
    4. Diabetes patients, Patients under alcohol or drugs influence,
    5. Pregnant women,
    6. Arthritis,
    7. Thrombosis,
    8. Phlebitis,
    9. High blood pressure,
    10. Acute trauma or recent surgery

The above are all conditions which require medical advice before having a massage. Though it is a long list I think there might be even more, so when intending to do or have a massage consider is there a possible negative effect of it.