What Is A Sports Massage?

Many athletes receive therapy because it’s a type of therapy that is geared towards all different types of athletes. It can work well for the weekend jogger or world-class athlete. The exact technique that is used is dependent on what type of sport the athlete engages in. Different sports work different muscle groups much more frequently than others.

For example, a soccer player is much more likely to benefit from a deep massage that targets the legs while a tennis player might benefit more from one that targets the arms and upper body.

Most sports stress and overuse specific areas of the body, and the massage therapist must know what sports the athlete plays, so these specific overstressed and overused areas can be targeted.

Many coaches have made this therapy an integral role of an athlete’s training regimen. This type of therapy is great for prepping an athlete for a big event, but it also works well for reducing the amount of time an athlete needs to recover after a big event.

The Incredible Benefits

People who regularly get this therapy can benefit from improved endurance, reduced fatigue and greater flexibility. However, it can also prevent injury and prep the mind and body for a major sports event.

When compared with other types of therapies, the sport massage is unique because it has an excellent ability to target muscle-tendon junctions. Studies show that a session as short as 30 seconds can improve hip-flexor range of motion.

Other studies show that athletes experience less muscle soreness if they receive one before a big game. Both deep-tissue and sports therapies have several health benefits to offer, so if you’re not already getting them, then what are you waiting for?