Trigger Point Massagers Body Back Buddy Review

Trigger Point Massagers Body Back Buddy ReviewSo simple and affordable…. but does the body back buddy live up to expectations?

Please make sure that you read this entire post because I’m going go over the positives and negatives of this product.


  • Physiotherapists strongly encourage using the back buddy to heal muscle tension
  • Can be used on the entire body (or most of it anyways)
  • Provides strong and powerful support that you can control
  • Comes with a manual on positions that are most effective
  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Great low price

The Positives

There are three main advantages to the body back buddy that need to be mentioned here.

1 – The convenience

This product is significantly smaller than most massagers and can easily be placed in luggage or stored in virtually any closet. Which means it is quite easy to use for trips or to take with you for your break at work. Basically, you can use it anywhere that you need a full massage. And it’ll fit in your car no problem.

2- The price

This product retails at around £40. And of course, as you can see it’s not your typical massager product that costs several hundred pounds. There really isn’t that much cost to manufacture the back buddy. It’s simple and easy to manufacture, but that should not be seen as a negative. Just because something is cheaper does not mean that it is less effective. Which leads me to my final main advantage.

3- The Effectiveness

This massager has been given official praise from 94% of physiotherapists that suggest it can effectively eliminate muscle tension and sore limbs. Although the design work is simple – the back buddy is made to provide pressure on impact better than most other massagers. And significantly better than any pressure a human hand could apply. It’s also quite capable of massaging most areas of the body.

Bonus Pro – You can go solo

There are times when we all need a good ol’ massage but simply do not have anyone to help us out. There’s only so many massage favours you can snag from your friends or partner. But this product is designed for you to massage yourself. Which means you can have a good massage any time that you want. You control the frequency of your massages.

Downside – Some places are hard to reach

This product is so good, but it can struggle to reach some areas in the back. It can make contact with your entire body, but certain areas are harder to apply the full pressure. For example, I can only reach about 70% pressure for the side of my torso.

This is just me being nit-picky though. It still can reach virtually every inch of your body. And can give you a refreshing full body massage whenever you choose. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Although the original is around the £50 mark, there are cheaper copies on Amazon for under £20.

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