The ideal portable massage bed

Master Massage Deauville Therma Top definitely has it all…

You might have come upon my other massage centered┬áposts and already know I’m a bit of massage-obsessed…It’s because at some part of my life I felt intense curiosity about massage, its applications and everyday use, especially when done at home. I had to apply some massage techniques to my husband since he did lots of physical work and experienced some pain and stretches in muscles and joints. So I decided to learn and enrolled a massage course (intended for both professional and home usage) where I got some pretty good instruction…

Now I intend to tell you some more about the equipment necessary to do a massage and especially the more professional one because the bed on which massage is performed really matters a lot. It supports the right body position and provides the necessary support to back, legs, hands and head. So let me tell you about the one I chose as most suitable.

Help, I am massage tables dummy!

Well at first I also did not know much of them too. But I did my research and here’s what I found:

First of all the price has to be reasonable. It doesn’t mean the table has to be cheap but you have to know what you are paying for and that your money is well spent. It means that buying the table it will have everything you will need (depending on the kind of massage you intend to practice)-and all necessary extensions for supporting all body parts, carrying case if it is portable and sheets and other lining for your client. See my full guide on massage tables here.

Master Massage or Earth

This is what Earthlite say: Our tables use only the best Maple hardwood and Russian birch plywood for solid, long lasting construction. EarthLite uses no rainforest hardwoods’ or wood from old growth forests. We depend solely upon farmed and renewable wood sources. We’ve yet to find a more luxurious vinyl and cushioning system than our earth-friendly, 100% PU Natursoft and Nature’s Touch vinyls.

And here is Master massage: We only use the most premium and eco-friendly materials including renewable hard maple wood, 100% CFC-free PU upholsteries, and multi-layered Small Cell cushioning system. Every detail of a master massage table is dedicated to promise a long and reliable life that even the steel of our hinges is 40% thicker than other makers. We satisfy international corporations, body care professionals, and individuals, who insist on real excellence in the product to work properly, last long, and are safe.

What more?

Massage tables usually are vinyl covered since they need to be water and oils proof. They are then covered with latex or other (I. e. memory) foam which might have different levels of thickness and structure. This is to put it in other words what your back will experience while lying there. Another feature about back support is the table’s possibility to be uplifted in different positions. You guessed it right- the more the better so it might suit best your comfort.

Having in mind that the masseur/ therapist needs to have access to different parts of your body it is not always sure that he can do that while you’re only lying on your back. That is why a good table provides support for the neck and head. It has also special extensions for the face if the position is face down and there is a face hole so that you do not have to smother while being treated.

Cmon there’s got to be something else!

Besides features like leg support, face hole, arm extensions, adjustable back and head support there are even more features for top experience.

The good table comes with a built-in or at least you need to provide for your self a warmer so the person on it does not feel cold at the beginning of the therapeutic session. While massage is performed on bare skin the touch on cold surface might be quite unpleasant.

Remember when I mentioned earlier different kinds of massage? They suppose different types of treatment, different body positions, and different zones for the therapist to access. That is why a seemingly pretty good table which is really comfortable for Shiatsu massage might appear to be useless for other therapy likes Reiki. You need to be informed about the type of therapy that will be performed before deciding to buy a massage table also.

The portable Massage Deauville Therma Top

Master Massage Deauville Salon Massage Table

Master massage are an established massage tables provider. They are known for providing quality products superior in design and complementary features.

As I already mentioned I prefer to do massage and get massage at home. That is why I chose my dream table to be a portable one. It might be used and then put away and it has a comfortable carrying case.

And while allowing to be carried around it still has everything a stationary table would provide. It has 11 positions for adjusting the bed. I also has 6 more for the head or face supporting extension. There is a face hole for the back treatment positions.

The Thermal Top makes sure you will experience the most comfortable treatment upon this table. It is provided with everything necessary for complete indulging massage experience. It is comfortable yet strong ( which is assured through wooden legs made from specially chosen material) and also good looking compared to ordinary tables with aluminium frame and legs. This makes it a bit heavier but I chose it to lie upon it and not carry it around so this doesn’t bother me much.

Concerning the versatility of massage techniques the table provides the possibility to perform classic massage as well as Shiatsu (which is possible through the special Shiatsu cable extension) and Reiki for which there are the Reiki panels.

I believe that’s all one might wish for in a massage table. While still not having tried it I believe it is everything they say about and more.