Professional Back Massagers

Designed for Personal Use or Use by Practitioner

Massagers designed for personal use often accomplish much of the massaging movement without the user needing to develop any expertise. Heating elements in many of these massagers help warm muscles to relax them.

These massagers may vibrate or offer a percussive motion to further relax muscles. In others, rollers on the massager’s the surface or under the massager’s surface move to create the sensation of shiatsu massage. Some personal massagers have many soft points on the surface designed to stimulate points on the skin in a manner similar to acupressure.

Some personal massagers require no electrical power to operate. Others are battery powered and some, especially those that also use heat, have cords to plug into electrical outlets.

Some are for specific body areas, for example neck and shoulder, upper and lower back, legs, calves, even feet.

Massage equipment used by professional massage practitioners is typically designed to rely on their skill in manipulating knotted muscles and tired limbs. It is less often powered, with the exception of power massage chairs, which are frequently used in spas and salons, as well as in shopping malls, where they may be set up as a vendor contract.

Tools for People Who Do Massage Professionally

People who massage professionally will also find many products available to help them be successful on the job. These include:

  • Massage chairs
  • Massage tables
  • Powered massage chairs
  • Stone kits for hot stone massage
  • Vacuum cups for Chinese acupressure massage

Professionals may select items according to a particular brand they prefer or set a price point that meets the current financial plan of their practice.