Pregnancy massage precautions

Although only one of the conditions under which massage should be applied extremely carefully it’s one of the most important ones so I decided to cover it more deeply than others.

Pregnancy massage might be prenatal massage to help the woman feel better during the pregnancy, labor massage to help her give birth easier and postpartum massage which is used to help her recover having delivered the baby.

Massage is to be applied with great care in the first months of the pregnancy (up to the third) because of the potential of miscarriage. During this time no deep abdominal massage or massage in the lower back is allowed.

Massage of ankles and the webbing between you thumb and index finger is considered dangerous during pregnancy too. Tops of the shoulders are also considered to be dangerous during pregnancy to be treated. Thai foot massage is a type of therapy especially known to be disallowed during pregnancy since it is believed that it increases metabolism, blood and other fluids circulation and thus might provoke dizziness, blood blotting , cramps or even early birth.

The person applying massage during pregnancy must be qualified to perform that kind of therapy. Pregnant women require special pillows to support the body and special uplifted massage table position also. Pregnant women tend to react and be sensitive to smells so aroma therapy and even using oils which have odor should be carefully applied. Because of the heightened need to visit the restroom during pregnancy shorter than half an hour treatment sessions would be suitable to consider. Patient’s or partner’s doctor should be informed and must have given his consent the woman to receive this kind of treatment.