Best Massage Chair Reviews

msaasge cairs bannerHaving a relaxing massage does not just remove the pain in or body but can also benefit your general health. More and more people are going to luxurious spas to rejuvenate their body and mind, while some people just want to relax and escape from the punishments of a stressful job, while others regularly get massages done as an alternative medication for a physical ailment.

Why Not Go to A Spa?

I have nothing against professional massage therapists and physiotherapists, god know, if I could afford one regularly, I would certainly go down that route. There are some limitations other than financial why people don’t go to spas to get back massages:

  • Fast-paced Jobs, some people are too busy to go to a spa – they find it time consuming
  • Cost – it can be expensive especially for those who need massage regularly to destress.
  • Some find it uncomfortable to remove their dress and massage by a stranger.
  • Aside from that, although most massage therapists have undergone a serious training, it is sometimes difficult to find someone who would really give you a satisfying massage.

These are just some reasons why some brilliant person invented the chair massager.

Thorough studies were carried out regarding the perfect intensity and speed and force in massaging our body. Chair Massagers for our backs were carefully designed to reach the right pressure points in our muscle and flesh. I genuinely believe that a really good massage chairs offers the same benefits that a human massage therapist does, but of course I am no professional. I actually find them even better than humans as I can program them according to the type of massage I feel like.

Types of Chair Massagers on the Market

  • You can choose from shiatsu or deep tissue massage for hard yet healing benefits or  Swedish massage for a softer and relaxing effect.
  • Most full on massage chairs perform whole body massage, from your head to feet.
  • And almost all come with an adjustable program to control the speed and intensity.
  • Some can be adjusted according to your body size.
  • Aside from that, there are also recliner massagers that fit not just those who have special needs but also for additional comfort (or lazy chill out sessions).
  • Those with heat functions are also very good to recover your tired muscles.
  • Others may even have MP4 players to complete your relaxation.

Cushion Chair Back Massagers

However, for those who can’t afford to buy a built for purpose chair massager, you could opt to buy a chair cushion massager. Basically it is a massage cushion that you can strap on your chair.

This is a perfect low cost back massager since its primary  focus is your shoulder, upper and lower back and ideal for those who suffer a lot from shoulder and back pain. Most come with adjustable controls where you can choose the type of massage you want.

You don’t need to force yourself to go out for a spa if you don’t feel like leaving your house. So why not get your very own chair massager now?