How to Choose the Right Back Massager

As much as we think we know all that we need to when going to buy a product, you would be surprised how often you may be wrong. I learnt this the hard way, when I ended up buying the wrong back massager. The key is to understand how to go about buying one that suits your needs. I highlight my process below in hope that it helps you pick your ideal massager!

First things first, lets look at the practical side:

Budget: What is your budget? How much can you afford is a key point to keep in mind, as well as how much you are willing to go over your budget if you find a product that is better than you thought but out of your buying price.

How are you going to use it: If you cant be bothered to massage your self, or if you don’t have a significant other that may indulge you, then you need a product that will do it for you. These range from vibrating hand massagers, to cushions, to full blown massage chairs. The better the massage quality, the higher the price.

Massager Practicality: Is it hand held? If it is, does it work on batteries or does it have a cord? If it has a cord, will it reach a distance from where you plan on massaging yourself to the nearest power socket? If its a chair massager, does it match your current furniture? Does it fit in your house?

Range of Massage: Some equally priced back massagers have different ranges, some have multiple heads (for hand held ones) to deliver a different massage type. While cushion massagers can also come in variations, so best pick a massager that has either a low price, but the right massage, or one that has a reasonable price point, but delivers a range of massage types.

Reviews: Always look at massager reviews, something that looks great, has a good price point, might have a hidden fault or issue that makes the purchase useless for you.

Buying from the right place

I find that eBay often has cheap back massagers, but also find that its a risky proposition buying an electrical good that is second hand or not sold by a major retailer. I prefer Amazon, as not only do I get to see all the features and user reviews, I am also protected by their buyer protection. In addition, I always find that high street products are often cheaper on Amazon. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look around of course.

Make sure you check the return policy, the latest price, look for discount codes, or if buying from an online market place, make sure that you not only look at the product reviews, but the sellers reviews. The longer the seller has been on a market place, the better chances of you getting a decent product.