HoMedics – Shiatsu Massager with Heat Review

Homedics ShiatsuOur third choice ended up being the HoMedics  Total Back and Shoulder Massage Cushion. There are several reasons why we love this product. Yes – it’s not quite as enjoyable as the #1 and #2 choices, but for the money, it’s very comparable in performance, strength and quality.

Homedics is a brand in the home back massager industry, and unlike its cheaper counterparts, its made for quality. Its a well known brand with a long history.

This cushion has four shiatsu massage nodes to offer. The nodes knead, roll and spot for a deep, gentle and focused massage. What we really like about this product is its coverage. It easily spans the entire width and height of your back and shoulders. Its massage zones are lower back, middle, upper and full.

It also provides soothing heat, adjustable width and a programmable remote. Something that is truly amazing about this back massage is the ability that it gives you to stop the massager on a specific area. For example, as the rollers move across your back, you can click a button and cause the rollers to knead that specific area.

This is perfect for anyone who has a problem area in their back or shoulders because it provides a perfectly isolated massage. There are really no cons to speak of. This product far exceeds the expectations of most consumers.

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