General safety tips and precautions for Masseuses

Apart from the mentioned general conditions which do not allow massage to be performed there are some quite common safety tips for masseuses.

  • Make sure hands, massage table, objects used are clean and fit to use during the massage.
  • Make sure your partner does not suffer from allergies to substances you intend to use during massage.
  • Remove jewelry, bracelets and everything which might cause injuries to the patient.
  • Be responsive to patient’s feedback, and even require it-ask if the pressure applied was not too big.
  • Take special care if massaging a pregnant woman (pregnancy is one of the conditions under which massage is to be performed with even greater care).
  • There are requirements for massage therapist sometimes that they be certified to give first aid in case something happens with their patient while on the table.
  • Special attention requires also the case when the patient/ partner is heated due to exercise, sauna or another way and the therapist mast be informed of that fact so he could apply suitable techniques.
  • There are also prescriptions for massage therapist to be aware of blood spilled on massage tables to protect themselves from illnesses like hepatitis, AIDS or other blood transmitted disease.