Benefits of Foot Massage

A long tiring day after work can mean a tired body, especially legs and feet if the job involves movement from one place to another. Sales jobs require men to move from one retailer to another on foot during the course of a day, every day! Foot muscles go through immense strain. Just as one practices yoga for mind relaxation, one can use techniques to help relieve these foot muscles. Using a foot massager is people’s choice but there are many other ways as well. Let us list down some of these techniques:

  • Hot water technique: One can take lukewarm water in a tub and dip feet into them. Just keep them immersed for a few minutes can help relax foot muscles.
  • Idle state technique: If it is possible to lie down for a few minutes such that there is no strain on legs, it helps. One can go off to sleep. A relaxed body and mind can relax every part, including feet.
  • Meditate: If one can psychological relax all body parts individually, it can relieve all aches. It is important to use the power of mind to convince one’s self that he /she is relaxed and there is no stress in any part of the body.
  • Manual Massage: Help from a family member or a professional can be useful. If the right points on the feet are pressed, it can relax the muscles.
  • Acupressure footwear: If one has a problem of contact foot ache, it can help to wear footwear, which is scientifically made. It can have eruptions, which press the right points on the foot and relieve stress and ache. It becomes a continuous process, making foot relaxation part of the routine. There is no need to take out special time to do it.
  • Machines: foot massagers can be a good option. These machines are technologically advanced and have an option of varying the massage strength. One can go for soothing, pulsing or energizing depending on the requirement.

Types of Foot Massagers

They have lot of variations. There are massagers that have one or combination of following technology:

  • Air compression methodology: It squeezes the muscles and relaxes them.
  • Heat methodology: It heats up or warms up the tired muscles and relieves them.
  • Reflexology based methodology: It uses rollers to work on different touch points on the feet.

It is important to choose the right methodology depending on the extent of relaxation required. If one opts for a foot massager, it is important to go through all options and do a feature comparison before buying one. The choice is between home remedies with nearly zero cost and technology solutions with quick relief.