Jennie’s Back Massager Reviews

Find The Ideal Back Massager: A Complete Back Massager Review Guide!

Hi! I am Jennie. I am a serial buyer, but one that likes to do her research, and as a result, I went through over a hundred back massagers before I decided on the right one for me. In my journey I have collected all my notes and present them to you on this site – after all, the right back massager for me, might not be the right one for you! Thanks for reading my reviews!

Effectiveness of MassageWhether you believe it or not, your back is one of the most crucial elements of your physiology. As such, it is quite important to take care of it and treat it as well as you can, whether its not putting undue stress on it, or learning how to ease the tension or pressure built up from physical work, incorrect posture, bad sitting habits and even long motorway drives!

It is quite important to feel relaxed after a days work, unfortunately those of us who work in stressful jobs or physically exacting jobs, be it at home or at the office, often find that we can often be out of sorts, with a toll being placed on our backs and shoulders. Now, I wouldn’t say that a back massage everyday is a great idea, but I would go so far as saying that getting one often enough would go a long way into relieving those stress related toxins built up in your body.

One of the ways I learnt to really help ease the tension and soreness in my back was to investigate the use of the right back massager – I could have used professionals, from physiotherapists to masseuse to chiropractors, but these options are for those who can afford them. I sadly cannot.

I totally understand that unless you are well off, you like myself, might not be able to afford professional help often. This is where a back massager comes in. Some of the tools that are available to buy are pretty good, and though not exactly a replacement for the real thing, do a pretty decent job.

Luckily, there are many types of back massagers available, from the small, cheap personal wands to the large fully seated, fully back body chairs.

So how do you go about picking and choosing the right massager with all this choice available on the market?

I found it difficult to decide, and in the end did a lot of research that helped me pick, choose and try a range of back massagers. In the end I made so many notes, I thought I might as well write about what I found, read and tried over the years.

A word of warning: Although what I picked works for me, it is always advisable to see your GP or doctor, or a physiotherapist before you commit and over use a back massager, like anything else in life, abusing or using something in the wrong way can cause more harm than help.

PLEASE see a doctor, these reviews are based on my personal experience and DO NOT constitute health or medical advice of any kind.

Types of Back Massagers

Like I have mentioned earlier, there are quite a few choices when picking a back massager, and as a potential buyer, you should look beyond the price, it is absolutely crucial to understand what you want the product to do, and learn what others experiences are with said products. You should also try and learn about the different types of back massage modulations.

  • Handheld Massager
  • Electric Massager
  • Chair Massager
  • Plastic Massager
  • Shiatsu Massager
  • Trigger Point Massager
  • Belt Massagers

The trick is to learn how to pick the right one.

Get to Know Your Back Massagers

When we talk about back massagers, we usually think about purpose built devices that tackle the back (and sometimes the shoulder and lower neck). However, if you look for just a back massager, you may be missing out on some really good products that are designed for general purpose use, which means they can be used for most part of your body, including that ailing back.

On this page, I will look at the common types of massagers, and how to go about picking the right one too suit your physical and financial needs.

The main types of massagers are:

Handheld Massagers

hand held back massagers

These cross over into static objects that you or a friend / partner would use on the back. Some handheld massagers would also be crossing over into electric and vibrating massagers.

Electric Massagers

electric back massagers

Pretty much anything that needs a battery or a charger or has to be plugged into a power source falls into this category.

Chair Massagers

Chair back massager.jpg

The name is quite self explanatory really, but the range in these massagers are extreme, from price to quality to areas worked, so make sure you pick the right chair massager.

Cushion Massagers

Cushion back Massagers

These nifty little back massagers are pretty awesome, because while they arent as cheap as the hand held massagers, they arent as expensive as full on dedicated chair massagers, and can be used in a range of settings, from sitting at home, while driving a car, or even working in the office. For a decent cheap option, consider the right cushion massager.

Shiatsu Massagers

Shiatsu back Massagers

“Shiatsu” is taken from a Japanese words “shi,” meaning “finger”, combined with “atsu,” representing “pressure”.  As such Shiatsu massage, is commonly applied massage, based on traditional Japanese massage techniques, where the bodies Chi is massaged along the “meridians”. Shiatsu massagers are built on these techniques and are usually set to mimic a Shiatsu pressure massage.

Trigger Point Massagers

Trigger Point Massagers

These are tools to massage muscle knots or “trigger points” which painful patches of muscles. These are geared to work on such knotty muscular areas of your body, in particular your neck, shoulder and back.

Belt Massagers

Belt back Massagers

Not all massagers are made to reduce strain and pain, some such as belt massagers are used as a slimming aid. Do they work? Some people swear by them, others arent so sure. Either way – do not use for relaxation!

Massage Shower

back massage shower

You may not have realised, but there are a number of showers and shower heads have massage capabilities via the power of water. Personally I think every household should have one of these. I do.

Vibrating Massagers

vibrating back massager

Vibrating back massagers are a parent set of most mechanical massagers, from hand held wands to large dedicated chair massagers.

Main Back Massager Brands Massager

  • HoMedics
  • Lifemax
  • Medisana
  • WD
  • Casada
  • Maxim
  • Scholl
  • Beurer
  • Carmen
  • Lanaform
  • Tinxs

Areas of the Back Massaged

  • Lower Back
  • Upper Back
  • Sides of back
  • Shoulders
  • Lower Neck
  • Upper Neck